Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci
Peppers 1

Peppers 1         


Pear Still Life                     

Curious Georgette.JPG

Curious Georgette Pastel 9x12 $300


Artichoke Fantasy          Pastel     


Artichokes in Bloom        Pastel   11x14     $125 

Bell Peppers 4       


Tomato Trio                       


Vase & Candle                Pastel     9x12     $65 

Onion Soup             Pastel   8x12    $125  

Peppers 2

Peppers 2                 


Little Bottles                    Watercolor    11x14   $125 

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
— Pablo Picasso

Ripe for Picking                        

Crystal bowl sold

Crystal in Blue      


Tangerine & Lace             Watercolor    5x7     $40 *Custom Frame Available 

Pear Duo                         

In The Vines   Watercolor   8.5x11   $95 


Eggplants               Pastel    11x14  $95 


Still Life with Pears        


Apple Dotted      Watercolor     5x7     $40 

Pear Checkered   Watercolor     5x7     $40 


Portrait of a Pear                        


Crystal Bowl with Pears


Trail Frog Pastel 9x12 $300


On the Vine

Magpie Strut   Watercolor    11x14    $190


Red Hot Pokers   Watercolor    8x10    $40


Kingfisher        Watercolor   11.5x 11.5  $190



Day Well Spent     Watercolor   


Avila Pelican


Grape Leaf

Art is a line around your thoughts
— Gustav Klimt

Humpty Dumpty   Watercolor    8x10    $90