Art is the only way to run away without leaving home
— Twyla Tharp
San Simeon Bluffs.JPG

San Simeon Bluff
Pastel 9”x12” $400

Above Cayucos
Pastel   9x12   $225 


Across the Dunes 

The Estuary.JPG

The Estuary
Pastel 12x16 $400

Breaking 3.JPG

Pastel 8”x18” $600

Big Sur Coast - SOLD.JPG

Big Sur Coast


Safe Harbor Morro Bay  
Watercolor   11x14   $300                  


Prickly Pear 1


Wave Pastel 9x12 $400

Across the Estuary.JPG

Across the Estuary   


Prickly Pear 2

Wave 2.JPG

Wave 2 Pastel 9x12 $400


Back Bay, Low Tide


Morro Dunes             


Through the Dunes   Watercolor   11x14   $190


Coquille River Lighthouse              Watercolor, Pen & Ink   11x14   $190


Cypress Fantasy    Pastel    9x12    $75     

Yosemite Chapel

Bishop's Peak #2                                                                        

Cyprus Sunrise   Pastel   9x12   $75 

Hollister North Face                                                                               

The Sand Bar         Pastel   9x12   $75 

urt Experience

Yurt Experience   Watercolor                   11x14   $125 

The Old Gate      Watercolor                   11x14    $125 


Dry Dock              Watercolor   11x14    $125            

The Dunes           Watercolor    11x14   $165 

Marigold Field & Barn                                                                

Sunset After the Rain   Pastel    11x14    $165 


Mount Shasta    


Froom Ranch  Watercolor   11x14    $125


Mustard Fields                                                                     


Back Bay Sunrise

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.
— Salvador Dali

Whale Rock Reservoir   Pastel     7x14  $125 

Mission San Luis Rey   Pastel   9x12   $175

Turri Road Ranch   Pastel   9x12   $75

Froom Ranch Sunrise

Froom Ranch Sunrise                                                            

A painting is never finished, it simply stops in interesting places.
— Paul Gardner

Old Water Tank   

Pismo Bluffs En plein air                      Watercolor   9x12   $50 

Red Hot Eucalyptus   

Learn and obey the rules very well so you will know how to break them properly.
— The Dali Lama

New Brighton Sunrise   

Bright Spring       Watercolor    11x14   $165 

There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.
— Pablo Picasso

After the Harvest   Pastel    9x12   $95


Cambria Barn  


Lone Joshua              Pastel    9x12     $75       

Mighty Oak      Watercolor  5x7   $45 

Clouds                     Pastel    9x12   $ 75

Sunset at the Beach                                                                          

Eucalyptus Fantasy   Pastel   9x12   $75 

Morro Rock                                                                                 

Moonrise                 Mixed Media           7.5x10    $75 

Bishop's Peak En Plein Air    


Morning Stillness


Froom Ranch Twilight   

Red Barn Rainy Day   Watercolor   11x14   $165 

Shell Beach Neighborhood     Watercolor    9x12   $95 


Port Townsend Lighthouse     Watercolor, Pen & Ink11x14   $95

Froom Ranch House                                                             

Land Ho!